Thursday, February 15, 2007

chocolate cake syndrome?

i'm breastfeeding while i type this message now. you can't imagine how many times i put rafael on my breasts since this morning.

0900 - 15 mins
1000 - 25 mins
1040 - 10 mins
1100 - 5 mins
1140 - 10 mins
1210 - 20 mins
1245 - now (1255)

as new parents, of course we're wondering whether the baby has taken enough and whether i have enough for him. after calling the hotline of "le leche league" ( - a breastfeeding support group - i learned from the volunteer Sarah that is what she called a "chocolate cake syndrome". she told me a little story that she once baked a chocolate cake for her husband but after dinner, her husband said he's too full for the cake. but after a moment, her husband said "oh maybe i'll have a piece of that chocolate cake." and after another while, he asked to have another piece! she explained to me that the baby might also think he's full in one moment and after a while, he realises he can take in more! baby rafael is finally settled down to his crib now, hope he will be able to rest for a longer while after having so many feeds this morning!

it's really nice to have this supporting group in hk, if there isn't so much support, we would probably have supplemented rafael with formula milk already...


Ho said...

Exactly! My experience is that I changed my BB's diaper before I fed, and by the time I finished feeding and wanted to take the soiled diaper to the kitchen, she cried for milk again. Don't give up, every breastfeeding mum share the same experience. By the time you're used to the schedule, you'll feel proud of yourself; and when you look at your little one's contented smile, you'll soon forget your exhaustion.

amy said...

thanks so much for the support and encouragement! i don't mind feeding him frequently at all myself, but i'm just afraid that our relatives or friends will say "oh the baby is not having enough and that's why he's asking for more and more again." support and understanding from others is what i need.

judy said...

hey, the mayawrap sold on LLH is good ar. a cool musician papa at church uses it, and he told us how good it is. it's super functional for both parents wor.

amy said...

thank you, auntie judy! we bought a baby sling already but haven't tried rafael on it yet. hope he will like it! :P

媽媽阿四 said...

in a morning like such, 小C would only nurse for once and only once, from 9am till noon...

wow, those were they days!
and, truly truly, "this too will soon pass"