Friday, February 9, 2007

feb 3 - labour starts?

only 1 day to go before the due date! since my maternity leave started, i've received numerous calls and IMs about when rafael will come out... but honestly i don't know and neither do the doctors (i tried to ask them too)!

but about noon on feb 3, while mac was at the gym, i started to feel some abdominal pain, sort of like period pain, every 20 - 30 minutes... but since it's not getting more intense and frequent, i'm thinking these should just be braxton's kicks (baby practising coming out) so we actually went out to our favourite gogo cafe and had lunch there and went to victoria park to test our new camera - canon eos 400d!

the pains were still regular and by dinner time, they had become more frequent - 15 minutes apart. at around 10.30 pm, they were about 10 minutes apart (though not getting more intense), and after consulting the nurses at QMH, we decided to go to the hospital (after taking a shower : P). see this pic taken before we left home at around midnight on feb 4, i could still smile! (the pains were really not that intense at that time.)

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