Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i've gained some weight!

rafael made his second visit to the maternal and child health centre today and he now weighs 3.67 kg, which means he gained 0.31 kg in the last week! the nurse said that this is very satisfactory as he would have reached the standard if he had gained 0.125 kg.

it's really a relief to me, as rafael has been feeding exclusively on breastmilk over the last week (except for one formula feed as i had to be away to do my postnatal check-up and didn't have time to pump milk for him). it's really reassuring to know that he has taken enough with my milk.


nikita said...

你好,我是從BK 來的,加油呀!我已餵了七個月母乳,有甚麼不明白儘管問我吧。

Ho said...

The nurses from both hospital and clinic have repeatedly reminded me that breastfed babies will not look as puffy as those on formula. They'll look slim but sturdy instead. Gaining weight is already a proof that he's been eating very very well. Ganbatte ne!