Saturday, April 14, 2007

a tough day!

we took rafael to the maternal and child care centre for a check-up this afternoon. he was still a happy boy on the way and even laughed when i put him in his car-seat (yes yes, i think it's his first laugh! it's not only smile now and he actually made a sound!). well he didn't know what lies ahead of him! cause it's not only a check-up baby, you know what, afterwards we're going to bring you to the paediatrician for vaccination too!

so rafael finally had one 5-in-1 shot + one 肺炎鏈球菌 shot + one oral dose of 輪狀病毒 vaccine all in one day. don't you think it's a bit tough for a 9-week-old baby? well, it's tough on us too! $1940 taken out of our pocket!

and here're his growth statistics as at today:
head circumference: 39 cm
length: 56 cm (last time at QMH it was 56.5 cm??!)
weight: 5.81 kg (+2.72 kg since birth)

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