Tuesday, May 8, 2007

he's a girl?

to us, baby rafael looks like the most boyish boy but don't know why sometimes people on the street ask if he's a girl. i guess it's because of his long and a bit curly eye-lashes? people say long lashes means laziness. i think it's fine as long as he's not as lazy as his mother ;)

i think it's lucky that rafa
isn't a girl, because he's got such bad skin... as far as i remember, his eczema (rash) has sticked with him since he's five or six weeks old and now it's even spreading to his arms! yesterday i read from the web that "children with this condition have a genetic tendency toward dry skin" and "children with this condition also have some underlying allergies that are manifested in the skin"... oh poor rafa!


judy said...

if the skin problem persists, you can take rafa to check if he's allergic to anything, by doing some kind of "dot and grid" test - placing different allergents (?!) on his arm or something, marking them out by grids on his arm or something.

this helps to protect his skin better for the future.

amy said...

we've heard of such tests too. will consider when he's bigger. thanks! :)

Kitty said...

That kind of test is pretty common in the States. However your allergy can change very frequently, which means you will have to do the same test every 1/2 year. You never know... may be when he has grown up, his skin will be as good as yours.