Friday, July 27, 2007

discharge summary

don't worry aunties and uncles. rafael was finally discharged today. the lab tests found out that he had contracted parainfluenza 3 which had caused his bronchitis. the doctor reassured us that it was the mildest among the influenza virus, and the nurse told us that many children were admitted to the hospital this week because of this virus so babies and adults, please all take care!

this hospital incident gave me a lot of reflections about the role and responsibilities of a parent. i suddenly realise that rafael is really really very dependent on our care. though he's not delicate and breakable as china, he can only survive with our careful protection, and we need to be strong, both mentally and physically, to be a parent.

and definitely it teaches me the importance to have medical insurance for your babies. a 3d2n stay at the hospital gave us a bill of $8,400, and luckily our medical insurance for rafael took effect just 2 days before he was admitted!

the doctor reassured us that babies who had been sick while they are young will become much stronger when they grow old, because of all the antibodies built up, while those who are over-protected will become sicker when they grow up. well at least there's a good side of this incident! i really hope that what he says is true and rafael will become a really tough and strong boy in the future : )

and i don't know, i feel that this incident has brought mac, rafael and i closer as a family. after all, it's a little obstacle that we have overcome together. i'm sure that in life there will be other obstacles to come, no matter at school, at work, or in other areas. and i hope it will bring us even closer each time around.

p.s. correction to the last post, the gas medicine doesn't cost $800 a dose. the total medicine bill including all the syrup came to $1,200. :P

p.p.s. rafael's pics at the hospital uploaded to flickr. check if you are interested.

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