Thursday, August 16, 2007

6th-month check-up

rafael had his 6th-month check-up today. he passed all the tests to grab the rattle, stand a bit and sit a bit. and updated were his growth statistics:

weight: 7.8 kg (a little more than 17 lbs)
length: 68 cm

little rafa had been able to sleep till nearly 6 for quite sometime already, but these 2 weeks, he's waking up like at least twice in the middle of the night! that drove us kind of crazy and we thought that might be because he was used to me sleeping next to him during the hospital stay, or that he might be hungry (since my milk supply has dropped quite a bit after the hospital stay), or maybe his gums are sore because of teething. and today when we shared this at the talk at the maternal and child care centre, we're surprised to hear that most babies attending the talk (also 6 months) are behaving in the same way! one of the babies even wakes up every hour! the nurse explained that older babies might easily wake up when they dream (nightmares?), pee, or are too excited because of their activities during the day. the nurse said that the situation will improve when they get older, like 1 year old...

now, don't tell me there're still 6 months to go on like this, daddy and i are nearly dozing off in the office every afternoon already!

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