Friday, August 31, 2007

more solids!

this is the current menu of the nursery rafael is attending. since rafa is turning 7 months old next wednesday, he will be starting to have congee at school! and he will be starting off with fish congee on mondays & thursdays, then he'll try pork, chicken and lastly beef! and when he gets even older, he will be having soup, noodles and bread too! aren't you excited for him?

let's hope he won't be allergic to any of the new food and can enjoy every different taste of gourmet food!

此乃育嬰院的是日餐單! 靖愷下星期三便七個月生日, 他可以跟其他哥哥姐姐一樣吃粥仔了! 他會先在星期一及四吃魚粥, 接著會試吃豬肉, 雞肉及牛肉. 看看餐單, 他再大一點時, 還可飲湯, 吃粉麵和麵包呢! 真為他感到興奮!

希望靖愷不會對新食物敏感, 可以和我們一樣大快朵頤!

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