Monday, September 3, 2007

daddy and friends

after rafael was born, honestly we have seen our friends much less than before. weekday dinners are virtually impossible but as rafa is getting stronger and bigger, we can finally arrange more gatherings with our friends in the weekends! so last saturday we met mac's friends from secondary school. rafa was particularly happy when he met yuet yuet (aka luna - a nickname mac invented for her) who is 1 month older than him. he couldn't stop patting her to show his excitement!

"星期六與爸爸的中學同學聚會,真開心可與悅悅姐姐玩. 爸爸媽媽,為甚麼悅姐姐的頭髮又長又曲,而我則仍是光頭仔一名呢?"

photo credit: 庾悅生活誌

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