Wednesday, October 3, 2007

breastfeeding mama x bb x daddy gathering!

rafael is going to celebrate his 8-month birthday in 2 days and that means i have been breastfeeding for nearly 8 months! besides support from mac, my family and friends, my biggest support came from a baby kingdom breastfeeding group. and last saturday, our group had a cozy afternoon tea gathering with all the mommies, babies and daddies. thanks to eeb's coordination, we had the whole upstairs cafe to ourselves and all the babies can crawl or try to crawl all over. we even had a feeding corner too!

我們上星期六帶靖愷與一眾母乳bb聚會. 數下有幾多隻乳牛仔/乳牛女?

rafael is really sensitive to the camera. when hei hei's daddy was taking pictures, he smiled at the camera trying to steal a couple of frames!

看著希希daddy拿著相機拍照時, 靖愷也不執輸, 在鏡頭面前微笑一番, 成功奪去不少數碼菲林!

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