Saturday, October 13, 2007

operation rafael: further update

little rafael is still at the hospital. we had hoped that he could be discharged today but unfortunately his bowel is still a bit upset and still needs some time to work normal again. he was having diarrhea and the doctor recommended to observe him for another day to make sure that he's doing okay and won't be dehydrated before returning home. he is getting better now after stopping milk (as milk might irritate his intestines) and only having congee/rice cereals. let's hope that he can be discharged at the soonest.

and poor little rafael is also suffering from an infection at his buttock (because of the diarrhea and frequent application of drug via his anus) and a swollen right arm (because of the drip and the needle point). it's really saddening to see our dear son undergoing so much pain all at once, and it's definitely hard to imagine that our eight-month old baby has suffered so much more than any of us in the family.

but i'm sure that rafael is an optimistic boy. see, he can still give us this smiling face despite all the hardship he's facing. we love you rafael!

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Christina said...

Quick amazing that Rafael is so upbeat and happy still. Kids are much stronger than adults. :)

Hang in there. Gd to see Rafael doing better. Great job you parents for taking great care of him.