Wednesday, December 12, 2007

happy birthday to grandma

a big thank from rafael to grandma for taking good care of him when papa and mama are not around.

little rafa: happy birthday to you, grandma! in fact rafael himself was also very happy tonight as he has his ever first taste of birthday cake... of course without any cream, cheese, choco chips, nuts ... but just the sponge cake. however he just loved it so much... he even took out the grape from his month to ask for another bite of the cake!

靖愷祝嫲嫲生日快樂,待靖愷大一點再唱生日歌給妳聽!靖愷今晚亦淺嘗了他人生第一口的生日蛋糕呢(雖然沒有忌廉芝士朱古力碎果仁... 只有中間的海綿蛋糕,但他已十分興奮)!

媽媽補充:上月公公婆婆也過了牛一, 我們和靖愷一起去了吃自助下午茶餐慶祝, 也祝公公婆婆身體健康, 笑口常開!

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