Sunday, January 20, 2008

school life


1月份的活動有''紙窗外的世界"。唔... 靖愷眼中的世界會有些甚麼?


Vivian said...

This looks like a very good nursery!!

Is this far from home?

amy said...

It's in Causeway Bay so it's pretty much on our way to work. Interested? Rafael hopes to have Kayton as his classmate! :)

vt said...

hey, it's so funny. You know that was not my comment before, suppose it was from another friend of yours who also named Vivian.

But i just want to say exactly the same thing as that other Vivian did.

From your blog, i think the day-care-centre that you've put Rafael is good. Also, it seems to be a very good opportunity for the kid to learn about how to mix and interact with the peers.

Too bad that we live on the Kowloon side. Otherwise this might be a good choice for Kayton.

Vivian said...

Oops.. yes, I am just a passersby, but have been following Rafael's blog and his development... :)

I myself have a baby boy who is now 10 months old.

Nice to meet you here! :)

amy said...

thanks really for visiting, vivian! having a baby really opened up a new world for us - and with it many new friends!