Thursday, January 10, 2008

swollen eye

okay, don't worry. rafael has not suffered from any ill treatment though he really looked like being punched at his right eye : P he just got a "kiss" from a mosquito a few days ago at the nursery. there was only redish on the day when he was stung but his eyelid became stiff and swollen in the small hours the following day. amy was sooooooooooo worried and she even called me at 5 am to ask for what to do (i was on overnight shift). amy is usually as cool as a cucumber most of the time, so you can see how anxious and helpless she was at that time. but i think it also shows the fondness and great affection of amy for little rafa : )


the situation reminds me of his swollen eye, resulting from an eye infection, when he was born. the only difference is this time his right eye suffered.


luckily little rafa is getting better now. hope he will become good-looking again when we bring him to playgroup this saturday : P


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