Tuesday, February 5, 2008

first birthday!

rafael's first birthday

our dearest boy rafael
it is your first birthday!
the once tiny and fragile infant
is learning to toddle today

your innocent smile, your baby babble
bring us the simplest joy in life
and watching your every little new move
is now our biggest drive

we wish you love and peace
in the many days to come
our love will never change
no matter what you become

from mom & dad

(i know it's a bad poem, but it's mommy's little gift for rafael :P)


羅師奶 said...

happy birthday!


Happy birthday Rafael. Wish you always happy and healthy. Mom & dad- congratulation, you have worked very hard to be a great parent, and your love and care have brought such a lovely child, keep up your good work.

Hey Rafael, are you stuff with sweet cakes yet? I have counted at least 4 different cakes...make sure to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

Happy Birthday!!

kitty said...

Happy Birthday! Daddy and Mommy must be thinking how you will look like on your next birthday!

媽媽阿四 said...

happy birthday, Rafael! well done, mama & dada!!!

i like your poem :)

amy said...

thank you all!!

sabrina, you are really attentive to details! yeah we did have 4 cakes!!

thanks mama4 for your compliment too!