Friday, February 1, 2008

just came in time!

what a coincidence... my parents, each of them has bought rafael a new jacket yesterday. the new coats just came in time as the cold weather will continue for this week and the next : ) also our heartfelt thanks to auntie stephenie for getting rafael sooooooo many clothes since he was born. i think half of the clothes in rafael's wardrobe were bought by her!? : )

靖愷:多謝爺爺嫲嫲買給我的大褸,看我穿上後多帥(爸爸註:靖愷你自己讚自己,不害臊嗎?)... 亦多謝auntie stephenie 由我出世前已開始買禮物給我,爸爸說我衣櫃內的衫褲有差不多一半都是你買的呢!

  • 嫲嫲買的大褸
  • new coat from grandma

  • 爺爺買的大褸
  • new coat from grandpa

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Hey Rafael, I think u look very handsome in this photo, not only because of the new jackets, but your hairstyle has somewhat being changed. From flowing outward on both sides along with front going forward, it's more stylized this time, look like a model. What kind of baby hairgel did you used? Please let Yoshi know... ^_^