Wednesday, April 30, 2008

baby skincare basics


these are the skincare products the eczema baby rafael regularly uses:


from left 由左起:

  • cetaphil moisturising lotion - for moisturising 舒特膚潤膚乳 - 潤膚用
  • DIY "purple cloud ointment" - for treating eczema 紫雲膏 - 治濕疹
  • DIY camomile calamine lotion - for soothing itchy skin 洋甘菊爐金石止痕膏 - 止痕用
  • DIY vitamin E ointment - for removing scars 維他命E膏 - 去疤用
  • DIY evening primrose oil - for massaging while nursing 月見草油 - 按摩用
  • florida water - for bath and as insect-repellent 花露水 - 沐浴(防熱痱)及驅蚊用

    (big thanks to enid for all the DIY products!)

bonus track: rafael strikes a pose



woodstockbb said...

I heard the calamine lotion is pretty good. How's the florida flower? I just got a few mosquito bites.

amy said...

the florida water actually smells pretty nice. it's good as a room spray too :P

Judy said...

florida water is our "best weapon" when going on short term mission trip to places such as thailand and other SouthEast Asia countries nei.

Often the whole mission term smells really nice as a result, haa.

i never know it can be used in bath to prevent 熱fei 呢.

woodstockbb said...

Good to know. Where can I get it?


wow, all his beauty products have occupied the whole bathroom counter space.....wonder if mommy & daddy share those as well (secretly)

amy said...

kitty: check out the locations of the outlets here:

sabrina: yeah i do use the florida water sometimes :P