Monday, April 14, 2008

thank you teachers

rafael has his belated birthday party with other kids at school last saturday. here are the teachers who have been taking good care of rafael from mondays to fridays in the past 10 months and i would like to extend my heartfelt thank to them. little rafa might have had become a grumpy and dull boy (though sometimes he is quite naughty and wicked : P) should he be raised by a domestic helper...


all teachers are kind and pleasant.


why rafael looked as if being wronged?


the birtday cakes, without cream or chocolate or cheese, were homemade so that all children could enjoy!


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Judy said...

AUNTIE JUDY做功課做到傻左, 我一看第一張照片, 心裡想: 咦,咁啱嘅,怎麼最左面的那位老師, 面容咁似AMY媽媽? 唔… -_-

第二張照片最右那位老師跟RAFA的互動, 很是可愛。RAFA個樣彷彿在說: 不要搶我的餅餅啊!!