Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?

rafael seems particularly interested in dogs among all sorts of pets he has ever met. when we brought him to visit my grandparents last sunday, i thought he would be happy to meet with their pet dog "siu bo". well, that's true that rafael did feel excited when seeing "siu bo" in the first place but the harmonious moment only lasted for some 30 seconds... it ended when "siu bo" said hello to little rafa... : P

rafa: do you still remember who i am, siu bo?

rafa: mummy, siu bo seems to have forgotten me...

siu bo: wow! wow! wow! (unfortunately siu bo doesn't speak cantonese nor english nor birdish and it seems that rafael was scared off by his bark : P)

poor rafael dared not come any closer to siu bo while poor siu bo was locked up afterwards...

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