Monday, June 2, 2008

dozing off

rafael was so tired after our breakfast+shopping trip yesterday that he dozed off on the bus on the way home, and he managed to avoid falling off by holding onto the rail -- just like us commuting to work in the morning. oh don't tell me he's ready for the cruel world...



Vivian said...

btw, where do you buy those story books for Rafael? I have run out of books for Nathaniel but want to find cheaper ways to buy him English story books.

amy said...

i buy from paddyfield ( which is like 10-20% off from the page one or dymocks price. i recently found another website rainbowboat ( which is even cheaper but haven't tried. my friend bought from there once and said it's good.

btw i strongly recommend the "don't worry spike" series. rafael loves them!

do let me know of any good books you came across too! :)