Monday, August 4, 2008

guess what

rafael is not an early talker, but we're happy to see that his list of vocabulary is getting longer and longer. we can see that he is quite eager to tell us what he wants now, but sometimes our inability to comprehend what he's saying can really frustrate him. well, who could have guessed that "dig" means "cake"?

anyway, here's a record of what rafael manages to say at 18 months:


ah-pu: n apple; aero/eeh-plane: n aeroplane; arrow: n arrow; baby: n baby; ball: n ball; banana/nana: n banana; big: adj big; black: adj black; sometimes other colours too; blue: adj blue; sometimes other colours too; bom: n hitting sound; bus: n bus; bye-bye: exclamation bye-bye; book: n book; boon: n spoon; bow: n boat; bowl: n bowl; bread: n bread; bubble: n bubble; soap; bur: n bird; corn: n corn; daar: n star/car; daddy: n daddy; damp: n stamp; dee: n key; die: n sky; dig: n cake; dirty: adj dirty; dog: n dog; dool: n stool; dop: v stop; down: adv down; duck: n duck; dup: n cup; eye: n eye; go: v go; hair: n hair; han: n hand; head: n head; home: n home; hor: n horse; jair: n chair; jeer: n cheers; small: adj small; mil: n milk; mine: pronoun mine; moon: n moon; more: adj more; mou: n mouth; mum-mum: n food; adj hungry; no: n nose; off: adv off; on: adv on; open: v open; plee: exclamation please; school: n school; roar: n sound that a lion makes; roc: n frog; rot-rot: n carrot; rye: n rice; uncle: n uncle; toe: n toe; tree: n tree; up: adv up; walk: v walk; work: n work, as in daddy/mami has gone to work; wou-wou: n sound that a dog makes; yo-yo: n yo-yo; you: n you, as in "happy birthday to you"; wall-ter: n water


哎呀ai-ya: exclamation used to express all kinds of emotions; 擺bai: v put; 爸爸ba-ba: n daddy; 包包bao-bao: n bread; 包剪揼bao-ji-dub: n 包剪揼; 白白bak-bak: v bathe; n bath basin; 餅餅be-ben: n biscuits; 比bei: v give; 車che: n car; 掟deng: v throw; 轉duen (sometimes also pronounced as tuen): v spin; n fan, ventilation fan; toy that spins; round object such as clock; 花花fa-fa (also pronounced as wa-wa): n flower; 雞gai: n chicken; 哥哥gor-gor (also pronounced as wa-wa): n boys older than him; 公公gung-gung: n grandpa; 姐姐je-je: n auntie; 豬ju: n pig; 媽媽/嫲嫲ma-ma: n mommy (yes, finally at 13 months!); grandma; 抺抺mat-mat: v clean up with a towel; 貓貓mao-mao: n cat; 擰ning: v turn/open;奶奶nai-nai: n bottled milk; noc-noc: n cornflakes; 婆婆por-por: n grandma; 畫畫wac-wac: v draw; 爺爺ye-ye: n grandpa


daa-da (sometimes also dic-da): n everything that he doesn't know the name of


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Yoshi said...

no wonder your blog has not been updated for a while, that was really a long list.....good job Rafael.