Thursday, August 14, 2008

language breakthroughs

rafael got a few language breakthroughs this month and is pretty eager to repeat what others say all the time.

now, rice is not "rye" anymore, and we can hear a distinct "s" sound in the end; the letter "y" is no more pronounced as "ya" , but a correct \waī\; he's also beginning to say words with more than two syllables now so "nana" has become "banana"; and lately he seems to know that there are two languages around him, just as he's using his hands to make a big circle and saying to explain what he's signing, he also supplements it with the word "big".

and rafael has finally learnt to say his name too. his english name rafael seems a bit advanced for him, so we have taught him to refer himself as "hoi hoi(愷愷)", and it's very funny to hear him say his name, as he sounds like he has a foreign accent (will try to take a video later). the names mac and amy are easy to pronounce so he's managed to say his parents' name as well. i am hearing "mama" a lot less now because he's probably too eager to show off what he's learnt so he likes to call my name instead! oh, and this morning he's also learnt that the name of the red sesame street character is "elmo". i can hardly keep track of the words he knew now.

i guess this is his language-sensitive period. really need to grasp every opportunity to teach and inspire him in this golden and critical period of time in his development!

p.s. also happy that he has learnt to say "please" now, though prompting is still needed.



vt said...

WOW! U must be so amazed to see your son learning all these new words day by day! for me, i just can't wait to see kayton talking!

san (心) said...

My brother's son Fergus is talking more & more suddenly these months. I felt it's very funny & couldn't help visiting him few times and took some video. He tried to imitate whatever the adults said. Wallace said "嘩,D玩具埋一注tim.."; and then Fergus followed to say "埋一注"...haha...

amy said...

it's really nice that he can communicate to us what he wants bit by bit... but really have to watch our words (and behaviour) now!!!