Wednesday, September 3, 2008

b for bread pudding


stale raisin bread + milk + egg + sugar + museli = bread pudding


媽媽阿四 said...

咦無需牛油?請教我份量、做法!謝 :9

amy said...

其實我忘了寫牛油,嘻嘻, 不過我想其實也可以不用 :P

其實我是亂做的(看jamie oliver多看上腦了,沒有量度分量), 做法如下:

1. cut the bread (i used 3 slices) into squares and put them in the baking pan.
2. in a bowl, beat the egg (i used 1) and add milk (about 2/3 bowl i guess), sugar (i used two sachets -take-away leftovers), butter (i used 1 tablespoon, but guess you can skip) and museli (as much as you want).
3. pour the mixture over the bread.
4. sprinkle museli over the top (can skip, papa said the top layer was not crusty enough anyway).
5. bake in around 220 degrees for 15 mins.
6. bon appetit!

thinking maybe next time i can add a rotting banana and cut the sugar?

amy said...

just found this, fyrp:

Bread And No Butter Pudding

媽媽阿四 said...

thanks a lot, jamy ;)

Katherine said...
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