Sunday, September 28, 2008

unique tee, unique haircut

have you noticed rafael's tee? i think this is the one and only one... you can't find it elsewhere : P everyone on the street stared at rafael's tee when we were on our way back home from school last week.


what caught rafael's attention that he even unnoticed i was taking pictures on him? (lately i found him not really liking to be photographed...) make a guess and amy will tell you later : )


btw, you may have noticed that rafael got a new haircut and he does look great.... right? i made the first cut but it turned out to be catastrophic as rafael looked like a dumb...


but thanks to amy and my mom for further trimming... rafael still looks handsome and smart : ) and it seems that rafael is pretty happy with his new haircut.



michelle said...

Rafael's haircut is nice, he still looks handsome, yes :)

Yoshi said...

Rafael looks so handsome and refreshing with the new hair look. U should also post the photo of before Amy's trimming = your first cut. ^_^

Let me guess, is Rafael playing with the play dough?