Wednesday, November 5, 2008

doctor phobia

i can't figure out why rafael was crying so pathetically when meeting the doctor who was doing nothing but just checking his tummy with a stethoscope... anyway, he stopped crying AT ONCE when we walked out the doctor's room... : P


Irene said...

has he got any shot before?

children are very smart, they can sense who's going to give them yucky pills hehe..

Rafael, how's your tummy?

Mac said...

yes, rafael has his 4-in-1 combination vaccine and flu vaccine shots (at one time) there back in early september... we are all surprised that rafael's memory serves very well...

luckily rafael is getting better and has almost recovered : )

Yoshi said...

(from Yoshi):
Rafael, I totally know how u feel. I got panic everytime when I had to lay down on the strange bed in My strategy: CRY LOUD, VERY LOUD!!! .....but it never works.....guess what, I think my check up is coming soon, H-E-L-P!! hope u feel better soon. Then maybe we can go to Gymboree class together in HK.

Yoshi said...

(from Yoshi again):
P.S- Rafael, I saw u have one drop of tears....that's not dramatic enough, need more, buddy. But u did good on the face color, turning red. Next time, try turning red on the eye brows also, I usually do that to give a stronger visual performance.