Monday, December 8, 2008

quick & easy cooking

i have to admit that i really haven't got much talents in cooking, but anyway we try to have a little cooking workshop with rafael once in a while so he knows where our food comes from and has a chance to enjoy the joy of cooking as we do.

it was already late afternoon when rafael got up from his nap last saturday, so we decided to have some really easy cooking this time.

step 1: open the packet of pancake mix



step 2: add water into the mixture and stir well



step 3: pan fry the mixture

step 4: add honey and banana (rafael's favourite), and voila! bon appetit!


1 comment:

Yoshi said...

I really think u guys are great in letting Rafael do the cooking with u. It takes a lot of patience and love to have such family activities. Perhaps when he grow up, he will become a great chef.