Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sushi lover?

amy is definitely a sushi lover. everytime when we got no idea of where to dine, she will probably propose sushi (that reminds me of auntie sandy too. she'll order sushi for lunch on her every single working day!)

will rafael inherit amy's gene?


in fact it's not too difficult to order sushi for rafael - as there are only three kinds of sushi which is not raw : P egg sushi, beancurd sushi and eel sushi


but it seems that his fleet of cars interested him more...


i think rafael ended up eating only a few bites of rice and egg but finished the whole dish of green peas which amy likes the least!



Sarah Yuen said...

我媽媽都好鍾意食 sushi 呀!

SoCow said...

from the pics, i guess u are having sushi at sen-ryo, (it is a lot better than itamae (=ban chin) sushi in terms of hygiene and quality, i have banned itamae sushi now). Oh, there are so much cooked choices, u shouldn't miss carlifornia handroll and thick grilled sweet egg. The sushi at Hang Lung Centre is better than other shops. i could just tell the difference!