Sunday, April 19, 2009

364 ways to live cheap

other than doing haircut at home, another effective way to save money is to dine at home (either your own home or parents' home. both will do : P)

e.g. $33 for 10 dumplings in a small restaurant in tin hau but the money is more than enough for me to make 30 dumplings for mackie's family : )


rafael: dumpling again!!! since when we became beijingese???


rafael: omg, the filling is just the same as last time!?


rafael: papa, can we try something new next time? please take a look at the toddler cafe for more ideas!



Vivian said...

oh nice! nathaniel also loves Dumplings. and you guys look really skilled in making the dumplings. Look at the beautiful shape!

And admire Rafael's skillful way of using the chopsticks! The chopsticks I got for Nathaniel are too big for his hands. The one you got is Combi?

alsace said...


hiwong said...


amy said...

vivian: yes rafael is using the combi one. it's pretty good!

alsace: 看靖愷的爸爸包餃子, 像是不難呢! 你也在這個長假期試試吧!