Saturday, April 11, 2009

trouble 2

since when do you start losing temper easily?

since when do you cry or yell or scream when you don't get what you want?

since when do you purposely dirty the place by spilling the food onto the floor?

since when have you become a trouble 2, which i never imagine you would be???


rafael, could you just be a happy boy as you used to be?



Vivian said...

We had the same problem with Nathaniel a few weeks ago.. but let me assure you, it will all pass... all the more they will need your patience and love. I tried to be fierce with Nathaniel but I realize it didn't solve the problem at all! He was even more rebellious... but once I soften (e.g. given him a big hug when he loses his temper and said "Mummy understands your frustration"), it works out like magic! He is much more willing to listen.. and now he is back to normal...

so hang in there! :)

btw, breastfeeding is a great experience (though very tiring). I couldn't breastfeed Nathaniel because of Mastitis.. but I managed to breastfeed Kaitlyn exclusively this time.. :)

Yoshi said...

Thanks for giving me a warning in advance.....wonder what their little brains are thinking...?!

That's a pair of cool jeans.....

Rachel said...

I'm surely not an expert on this.

But then I accidentally flipped through a book at my friend's home: "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" and tried out a few things in the book that I found out to be helpful.

And among all the tips, I particularly found the one about 'communication' to be insightful. It is about how we should help our kids to express their feelings, before we started telling what should be done. Coz they're at the age when they found expressing difficult with the limited language ability, but then they started to feel like a real individual and they became really frustrated.

Personally, I don't think Rafael is a trouble 2. He is just becoming a big boy, with his own idea and feelings. Trust me, I am more a trouble than he does. Haha.