Friday, November 20, 2009

special delivery

we got a special delivery a couple of weeks ago and mac was so excited that he called me right after he opened the parcel and flipped through the beautiful book inside.

"you've got to see this when you come home!" i heard more excitement than when i told him i was pregnant.

i was awed after i returned home.

thank you for the lee's family for bringing us these awesome pictures all year long! :)

and though the mommy, a long-time friend, almost never appeared on the pics, it's nice enough to know that she's blessed with two adorable girls and a caring and talented husband.

thank you again, and the book will be a treasure in our family.


kkmOm said...

I'm glad you like the book. :o)

Mavis said...

Hi Amy, I would browse "mackie's family" whenever I have time. Have just gone through your friend's blog. He's really talented. The photos of his two daughters are just stunning. Mavis

amy said...

mavis: yes he is!!! aren't the k sisters lucky to have such a talented dad!