Monday, November 22, 2010

time flies

can't believe that heather is already 6-month old...

while rafael will be turning 4 next february

i wish them happy all the time, no more grumble, no more fight, no more cry and no more complaint : P


v said...

wow! heather is getting more and more girly (and pretty of cos)!

eeb said...

"no more grumble, no more fight, no more cry and no more complaint"

yeah, you wish (LOL)

amy said...

v: does she look more like audrey? :P

eeb: surely daddy is only daydreaming (don't you realise this post was written by mac?) :P

hey btw, what a surprise to receive your handmade gift again. thank you so much!!! :)

eeb said...


孜媽 said...


v said...

amy: oh, i also thought this post was by you! haha. maybe that's why papa picked a pic of rafael who looks exactly like you!

heather is much more pretty and lovely (esp on the maintenance level) than audrey!

amy said...

孜媽: 最近終於有人說妹妹長得像我, 開心得我! :P

v: most of the english-only posts are by daddy. wonder anyone notice that.

oh babies are all lovely! i love audrey for her cheerful character too!

ALICE said...