Monday, January 3, 2011

how i spend my holiday – part two

1. brought rafael to clinic x 2
2. brought heather to clinic x 1
3. brought heather to hospital for check up x 1
4. fell sick x 1
5. christmas party x 3
6. private time with amy x 0


馬渡太太 said...

mami! daddi is complaining!

why not let me take care of heather and let rafael to play with takumi for a day so to make "private time with amy x 1 full day".


Mac said...

哈哈,早講嘛!不過我話你知Rafael 加takumi嘅威力係大過一加一嘅!

alsace said...


孜媽 said...

Take turns Mac!


Kambayashi said...

Mac & Takumi mama,

How about sending all 3 kids to my house, I will watch them days and nights. Then all of u can have honeymoons in the state.

Hope all kids are well now.

馬渡太太 said...

Mac> 你知我一向都喉住你個囡架 ^^! Takumi同Rafael一warm up左之後...WW III!

Sabrina> Don't forget before reaching the States, there is 12+ hours flight...But I am sure that some day we can meet in the States!