Thursday, June 9, 2011






rafael is addicted to family bathing after his first-ever experience with hot spring in taipei.

i've always loved having a relaxing bath too. wish we can find a new place soon with space for a nice big tub so everyone can get in.

bath time


alliot + iza said...

Amy, thanks so much for your visit. Your words moved me. I was a bit lost when i made the decision ... but now i feel more relaxed :) Trust the intuition.
Every time when I "meet" another HK mum, I feel so happy :) And, glad to meet your lovely little ones!

Gwen said...

哥哥好sweet!!這個哥哥將來可能是會對妹妹好protective啦!so nice!!

amy said...

alliot: thanks for coming by too! i have always enjoyed your text and pics.

gwen: 但願如此!

Ty said...

Great to fit them both in there. They sure had a fun time!