Sunday, August 28, 2011

a little grown-up

yes i am talking about heather. she is no longer a small tiny baby sleeping in my arms but a little grown up toddler! why she grows so fast? probably because she is quite a big eater (and i bet she ate even more than rafael during the vacation last week!)

p.s. please excuse her eating manner! : P


michelle said...

wow 妹妹 has grown up so fast :D

卡臣 said...


Mac said...

michelle: 有了小朋友,時間過得更別快,所以小朋友很快變成大朋友了!

carson: 承你貴言!不過妹妹人細細,脾氣就一D都唔細!

Kambayashi said...

good eater. Tell mom and dad u need more vacation trips....^_^