Monday, January 16, 2012

she did it to herself!

a few things to note after the accident:

- has she learnt a lesson? definitely not. she has been climbing up on the stool as usual, to reach for the things on the dining table or in the kitchen that are not supposed for her.

- kids got amazing speedy recovery. last week she could hardly open her right eye but now she could open half of it (as for me, i have no-eye-see as always!)

- murphy's law does apply to us. last wednesday amy was thinking about to buy an arnica ointment just in case of any "incident" but was told it's out of stock. and then heather fell off from her crib that night...

- we are "glad" that the fall only caused her some bruise marks but (hopefully) not any impairment to her eyesight or fracture. and we thought it's "lucky" that the accident took place only after our photo shooting at studio and two weeks before the chinese new year, which means she still has time to recover and doesn't need to put on this smoky eye make-up when visiting our friends and relatives... : P


Kambayashi said...

Oh that she wasn't wearing the hat, and her eyes got bigger, the injury got more noticeable. Try to put smokey eyeshadow on her left eye, and see if it could be more balancing. that close up photo hurt my heart....(but yet, I was laughing deep down on her silliness....because I know she probably has a very similiar characteristic as Kiharu) ^_^

Hilton said...


Mac said...

sabrina: maybe i'll let her put on sunglasses like a super star : P

hilton: 嚇死多過心痛,咁高跌落地(佢半夜擒過bb床欄杆)我驚佢俾d charger 整到隻眼!

卡臣 said...