Friday, November 2, 2012

milk and weaning


heather adores milk. she drinks it more than water and she can gulp down three (albeit small) cups of milk in a row before bed.

though she likes cow's milk, she has always relied on nursing for comfort a lot. just until a month ago, the first thing that she did when i came home from work was to grab my legs and say "mama, milk".

it had not been easy to wean her but i'm happy to report that she has stopped nursing for nearly a week now. i tried different methods to wean her since she turned two. i did try explaining the "big children don't drink mama's milk" theory to her like what i did with rafael, but at the bottom of my heart i always thought she wouldn't listen to any reasoning. so i googled and tried doing what some mommies did, including putting on different things on my breasts to turn her off (lemon juice, toothpaste and wasabi!) and putting on a band-aid to tell her mama's nipples were hurt. she accepted all the peculiar tastes and she cried hopelessly and fiercely when mama's milk was not available. at the end of the day, i told her the big girl theory again and she listened. i guess she was just not ready when i first tried.

that was 2 years & 4 months plus 2 years & 5 months of nursing (mac, think about the money i saved for the home! we haven't bought even one can of baby formula.), i think i deserve a night-out with some nice alcoholic drinks. maybe i should even go tonight.





Judy said...

greaaaaaaaaaat, you are such a mother full of love (and milk, too?), the main point is this: see you in a bar next time, girl!

amy said...

yeah, that's the main point! :)

v said...

i want to go too!!!

amy said...

v: the more people the merrier! :)

Kambayashi said...

Great job mom. You totally deserve any drinks you want. Now go and celebrate.

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