Monday, January 28, 2013

6.22 am

it’s 6.22 am. rafa just boarded his school bus. i’m really grateful that rafael doesn’t complain a lot for waking up so early. he has been absent only once since september last year (for he was a bit “sick” as I was told : P) but anyway i already think rafa has done a very good job : )

i also need to pay my tribute to our helper who wakes up even earlier than us to prepare rafa’s delicious lunch box every morning : )


Anonymous said...

That's too too too early.

v said...

ok, now it's rafi turn to lecture audrey about "do not complain when waking up"!

audrey usually wakes up at 7, and twice a week at 630, but the whining, terrible...!!!

amy said...

dora: indeed. what cruel parents we are.

v: i have to praise mac for this. it's him to wake rafael up every day, unless he's on early shift.