Wednesday, January 30, 2013

growing up

rafael started doing a home journal for school in december. every week he brings home one or two very simple book(s) (with one sentence each page and maybe ten pages or less in total). he reads and is asked to draw or write something on the journal afterwards. the teacher stressed that it is not a book report. they are free to draw or write anything they like.

rafael has enjoyed the assignment. he likes to start by saying "i like" or "i love" every time. i guess he's not the kind of people who likes to be creative (yet, hopefully) and he enjoys routines a lot. anyway it's good to see him starting to read and write bit by bit.

every friday he will hand in the journal and on monday after i come home, i'm always eager to sit down and read with him the comments his teacher left on the journal. i wish i can show you a picture of rafael smiling when he successfully decodes his teacher's messages. it's always sweet to have someone write back to you when you write, isn't it? i have received quite many letters from rafael, and i just realised i haven't really wrote back at all.

i particularly love that his teacher drew a checkered heart in response to rafael's checkered fish. too cute.




and rafael had his first baby tooth fall out just this morning. he's really growing up, isn't he?

luckily i got this tooth fairy bag ready last night. (check here for the project.)



Anonymous said...

love reading Rafael's writing and seeing his drawings -- something I often find very fascinating of little kids.
wow, who can beat the tooth fairy of your home, so darn cute.

amy said...

dora: yes, children's drawings are therapeutic, aren't they?

michelle said...

very lovely drawing and words, bravo Rafael :)

v said...

rafi's handwriting is cute!