Tuesday, May 21, 2013


i've read a lot about birthday traditions (for example, here) and i'm also thinking what traditions do we have for the kids. when i was young, my parents used to hold a small party to celebrate my birthday (at the beginning with just my two brothers, and when i'm bigger they'd invite kids from neighbours) and i remember there's always salad, deep-fried chicken wings and french fries apart from the cake.

perhaps the tradition we have for rafael & heather is we never really throw up any birthday parties. haha. but this year starting with rafael, i decided to put up some simple decorations. and you know what, rafael's eyes really lit up when he saw the balloons and banner after returning home from school that day (which was back in feb). : )

i've asked if rafael wanted to invite a few friends over to celebrate but he prefered going to disneyland for a treat. he's already asking to go to disneyland again on his next birthday so maybe that can be a tradition for the kid. (yes, it's at most a once-a-year event for our family...)


and for heather, as she's just recovered from a fever, we only stayed home for the weekend. but we reused the decorations and put on the special "happy birthday to me" tee saved for her special day.


i think she blew out candles for more than three times in a row. i know what to do for her next year (see idea 2 in this video).

heather's birthday

and finally, as a tradition, a lousy little birthday poem for my dear little loved ones.

and a six and a three

our little boy has turned six, oh dear
i still can't believe how fast goes each year
you're even changing teeth, oh my
superheroes and ninjagos are the love of this guy

then on the day our girl turned three
snow white you announced you want to be
the most beautiful girl in daddy's eyes
your cheekiness brings us endless surprise

while you monkeys fight and you monkeys play
cries and laughters fill our house each day
happy birthday to our dearest munchkins
may love and peace you'll always have within


v said...

you are the most lovely and loving mom i've even known.

(pls make sure the kids will read this comment when they are old enough to read and understand)

alice said...

的確!把好媽媽的standard curve扯到好高呀!!


Anonymous said...

love the poem, and love the first photo of Heather making a wish, looking quite blurry. i think the short hair fits more of her characters.

Anonymous said...

lovely shots, precious memories!