Saturday, January 11, 2014

i want to go to taitung again!

rafael just told me this today. be honest i am quite surprised to hear this. after all, there is no theme park (but there is water park in the hot spring hotel), no swimming pool and no kids club. i think he enjoyed this trip because he got another two kids as company in the journey, that they could entertain themselves most of the time!

indeed i enjoyed this trip a lot too. especially we did survive the "no-wifi-no-tv-minshuku". that is totally out of my surprise!

there are lots of playgrounds......

and parks......

kids spend their time in reading when there is no ipad and tv : )

and card games too!

thank god...... the weather is awesome though the forecast said raining : P

a fun experience in feeding animals in the farm.

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孜媽 said...

Thanks for posting this, Mac. Really warm!

Want you know that you are such good travel companion!