Saturday, February 3, 2007

first pic!

i actually did another pregnant test two days later and three days later (june 14, 2006) came my first appointment to the obstetrician. and yes, i saw on the first time in my life that there's a living being in my tummy - with his little heart beating and little body measuring 6.8 mm - on the ultrasound screen! calculating the first day of my last period (april 30), dr shu said that i should be now about 6 weeks pregnant and that the baby's due date is on feb 4, 2007!

counting back the days... it seems that the date of conception is around the time mama and papa got married!

(note: in case you couldn't find rafael, he's in the smaller black hole (the bigger one is my bladder) . wasn't he just like a tadpole at that time? )

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