Saturday, February 10, 2007

update about rafael

yes, poor little rafael is still at the special care baby unit now. on day 2, the doctors found that he's not breathing too well and had an x-ray on his lung. he's suspected to have caught pneumonia but luckily the blood result was already available and he's doing fine.

another problem is his little left eye, which had kept passing some yellow discharge. test results are not available yet.

and what's more, he's on a course of 7-day antibiotic treatment, which means he can only be discharged the earliest by feb 12. it's really saddening to see such a tiny being like him having an injection needle on his little palm! i had the needle on my hand for two days during the hospital stay and my hand was painful and swollen!

right now we're travelling to the hospital twice a day to feed him in the morning and evening. hopefully this will end by next monday! wish us good luck aunties and uncles, sisters and brothers (for those who refuse to be called aunties and uncles) : P

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