Wednesday, March 28, 2007

shopaholic mommy

yes i'm still on maternity leave but i'm actually working at home... 24 hrs a day nursing, pumping milk (to prepare for future use and to increase milk supply), changing diapers and comforting baby... of course there's also playing with baby which i really enjoy, but it's really boring staying home all day and finding myself wearing the same pyjamas from the start till end of the day. so under the permission of daddy, mommy is going shopping with rafael today!

and so i went to times square this morning, got some new books to read and some flash cards for baby rafa, then on my way to the baby outlet to replenish my breast pads supply, i also got a new t-shirt for myself! oh yes mommy likes to shop!

and rafael slept soundly most of the time, being held in the babysling again. and he seemed like a happy boy after returning home too!

1 comment:

judy said...

hahaha, he does look so happy after shopping nei.
shopaholic rafa too.

shopaholic auntie judy must accompany him shop some time soon.