Monday, April 2, 2007

a fun-packed weekend

rafael made lots of new friends and went to lots of new places this weekend! first on early saturday afternoon, he met with auntie monica with which daddy and mommy discussed his insurance plans. and in the late afternoon, he went to IFC and met 18-month-old chelsea - daughter of mac's MPA classmates lawrence and clara. and that's not all, auntie queenie & natalie, uncle rumjahn and 2-year-old ali came visit rafa at our place in the evening!

sunday was such a fine day and after lunching at a french restaurant nearby, daddy and mommy decided to bring little rafa to victoria park to take some pics! luckily rafa was wearing long-sleeves and long pants or else he would have got a few mosquitoe bites just like his parents. and that's not the end of his packed weekend - he also went shopping at toys r us for the first time as mommy wanted to get him a new rattle!

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