Tuesday, April 10, 2007

rafael's milk bank

yes we have already opened a bank account for rafael to put his lai-see money in, and i had opened another account especially for him too - his milk account!

this is a pic of rafael's milk bank. it now has 14 bags of 7oz + milk and two bottles of 150ml, that's more than 3 litres of milk. they are for for future use - when rafael has to go to the daycare centre after i return to work. the milk storage has already occupied nearly half of our freezer but no matter what i will keep on pumping and pumping!

rafael already turned 9 weeks yesterday and that means i had already breastfed him exclusively for two months (except the first week while he's in the hospital). i was always easy to give up on everything, whether it's piano, french, japanese... but this time i really hope to try my very very best. after all, breastmilk is the best possible start i can give to baby rafael and it's something money can't even buy! it is really interesting you know, a few days ago i pumped 8oz of milk on both sides (my largest output so far) , that's double of what rafael is usually drinking in one meal now, and i felt really happier than winning mark 6 :P

i really had to thank mac, my parents and my in-laws for their support. i was particulary impressed by mac's father when he asked me whether he needs to ask the people at the restaurant to set up a quiet corner for me so i could nurse rafael at his one-month-old party. i could imagine some other in-laws would have asked to feed their grandchildren by formula already in such occasions! well he doesn't know we could pump at that time :P

mommy will work hard, and hopefully achieve her short-term goal to breastfeed baby rafa exclusively for the first six months - because that's what the WHO recommends!

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nikita said...

你一定掂啦!我返工時只得18 包6 安半奶咋,都餵到現在,你都會無問題。