Saturday, May 12, 2007

1st anniversary

it was the 1st wedding anniversary of mac and i today and we went to conrad, where we had our wedding reception, for buffet to celebrate. and before we had dinner, we even went to the hong kong park to take some pictures, just like we did last year.

same time same place last year:

and this year 2 have become 3...

since the conception of rafael should be around the time we got married, i always wonder, is rafael just a sperm and an egg or has he become a fertilised egg already on the day we got married? too bad i guess even rafael couldn't tell me himself... but it's really amazing how life begins, a tiny sperm and a tiny egg has undergone millions of transformations together and different cells have turned into the eyes, brain, organs... and even fingermails of this little person we see today!


judy said...

happy belated my dear Mak, Mak and Mak!! the thought of your wedding anniversary did fly into my mind for one second on Sat!

i am really glad to see the pic of 2 becoming 3 nei.

- judi

maggie said...

what a coincidence! i went to hong kong park on saturday too, to assist my friend's photo-shoot after her wedding ceremony. and that made me recall your wedding day last year - same day, same place, and i was doing the same thing :)

nikita said...