Monday, May 14, 2007

happy mother's day

it was mother's day yesterday and we got a busy schedule. in the afternoon we had lunch with my parents and in the evening, we had lunch with my in-laws and relatives of mac's mother, including rafael's great-grandmother! all my grandparents had passed away so it's really nice for me to share this four-generations-in-a-room experience in mac's family.

yes it's my first mother's day and there's no card or present from rafa yet, and he surely doesn't know the meaning of mother's day either, because he decided he doesn't want to be mommy's little angel yesterday, but mommy's little devil! he was just as much as a crybaby as he always does!

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judy said...

rafa has his "oh-so-innocent" expression, with that mommy's little angel bib!! sooooo cute.