Monday, May 21, 2007

chinese medicine

rafael had been suffering from irritation to his left eye since he was born and this seemed to be a trivial problem but it annoyed us a lot. we guessed that he lost his temper and rubbed his eye fiercely because of feeling itchy and uncomfortable. we tried every means to solve the problem from applying eye drops to cleansing his eye very often but all to no avail. finally my mother decided to bring him to see a chinese medicine practitioner. i have reservation of letting rafa have chinese medicine at the beginning but i decided to try at last. amazingly, his sticky eye got better and the rash on his face has been fading after taking in the medicine. of course it was almost a mission impossible to feed him with the bitter and black chinese herbal tea. we had to grasp the chance to pour the tea when he cried with his mouth wide-open... are we brutal? : P

see, rafael got a pair of big eyes now!

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