Thursday, June 14, 2007

4 months' check-up

it's time for rafa's 4-month check up and here are his latest growth statistics:

head circumference: 41.4 cm
weight: 7.04 kg (about 15.5 lbs)
length: the nurse refused to measure it for us, saying that length measurements are not needed for 4-month-olds. (unofficial measurement done by us last night: 65 cm)

a visit to the maternal and child care centre is always accompanied by a visit to the doctor's -- for vaccinations! so that's another $1,960 gone for the vaccines. one of the patients (or grandma of a baby patient?) saw me pay and was pretty astonished, "wow is it so expensive?". rafael cried as usual, but babies forget so fast that he actually came home smiling.

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