Wednesday, June 13, 2007

all about babies

what people say is true. when you become a parent, your life changes. my life, and even my bookmarks have changed. my favourite websites were all about travel before i'm pregnant, and now my favourite folders are "baby > breastfeeding", "baby > babycare", "baby > baby products"... and i'm recently starting a "baby > solids" folder too. i literally never spent a day without checking on the baby kingdom forum now.

i also enjoy reading other mom's blogs too. apart from those in the "friends" column, these are the sites which i find interesting and inspiring:

my life as open source
中日混血 b Takumi

and guess what, all of them are breastfeeding moms too!


Sabrina & Nori said...

Hi Amy, we don't know each other, but thru Sandy So, I got to know about your blog and be inspired to set up mine few months ago. I have been checking your site often, feel like I do know your family already. My son Yoshitaka was born 2.5 wks ago, so what you have been thru, is just the beginning of my journey. I think we do share lots of similarity in the new parenthood lifestyle, I got to say, yes, my "favorite" has changed from travel websites to baby websites also.... take care. Really enjoy reading your blog (hope u don't mind)

Sabrina (

馬渡太太 said...

Takumi says thanks to Auntie Amy for linking his blog with hers! XD

amy said...

hi sabrina, thanks for visiting our blog. yes sandy told me about you too! yoshi is an adorable boy and i really love his name! ishoni ganbatte ne!